What happens if a case has been decided and there is the belief that the judge may have made an error?  An Appeal is a request to have a higher court review a lower court’s decision. The higher court has the ability to either uphold (agree with) or overturn (disagree with) the lower court’s decision.

Walker Law has extensive experience in both bringing Appeals and responding to Appeals brought by opposing parties in the Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court and Court of Appeal for Ontario.

To read about some of our success stories, please see previous court decisions below:

  • Court upholds previous decision to dismiss Certificate of Pending Litigation.

  • Court determines that certain evidence is admissible.

  • The Court upholds a previous decision that an Agreement of Purchase and Sale had been repudiated.

  • The Court dismisses the application judge’s order regarding the assignment of a commercial lease agreement.

  • The Court dismisses the appeal of a case that we won regarding the failure to complete the purchase of assets.

  • Client wins appeal of a Master (quasi-judge).

  • The Court dismisses the appeal of a case that we won regarding a commercial lease issue.

  • Overturns Drunk Driving Conviction.

  • Client allowed to pay mortgage late and keep the home.

To learn more about the process of an appeal, you can read our blog:

  • Navigating the Court System

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