Lawyer Testimonials

Lawyer Testimonials

We are honoured that lawyers we have worked with have nice things to say about us. Most of our clients say that it is a combination of information, testimonials and results that led them to hire Walker Law as their lawyer.

“Tanya is an excellent commercial litigation lawyer, with specialties including real property and franchise litigation. Another senior counsel has told me how impressed he is with Tanya’s legal skills. I echo that. Tanya uses the law as a surgeon uses her best scalpel, intelligently and with precision. If you have a complex matter, get Tanya on your side to assure a great result!”

Derek Freeman, Principal, FreemanLaw – Barristers

“Tanya you always have an excellent rapport with your clients and the other side as well. It really helps set the tone for respectful and successful mediation.”

Bernie McGarva, Partner, Aird and Berlis LLP

“Tanya is a hard working and diligent lawyer who looks after her clients and gets good results. Tanya provides great service and value for money.”

Colin Stevenson, Litigation lawyer, Stevensons LLP

“I have worked with Tanya over the past few years. She is focused, determined and works very hard to achieve results for her clients. Tanya has great passion for law and will settle for nothing less than a realistic and successful outcome. I am very impressed and inspired by Tanya’s work ethic and enthusiasm to always achieve the best. It is truly an asset to have Tanya on your team. I strongly recommend her.”

Sejal Morzaria, Lawyer, Morzaria Law

“Tanya Walker is one of the brightest young lawyers in Toronto.”

Rishi Singh-Basin, Impact Law

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