Past Webinars

Walker Law Webinar: Answering Your Contract Litigation Questions

Keeping Clients Out of the Courtroom: Answering Real Estate Law Questions Part II | Sotheby's

COVID-19 Perspectives: New Legislation and Navigating Commercial Leases

Walker Law Employment Law Webinar Part 5

McMaster Webinar – Strategic Negotiation Practices in Uncertain Times

Sotheby’s Webinar – Keeping Clients Out of the Courtroom Part 1

Walker Law Employment Law Webinar Part 4

Walker Law Property Law Webinar Part 4

Negotiation Strategies, Building Relationships, and Important Contractual Concepts | WeConnect

A webinar answering your questions on the impact of COVID-19 on property law.

Negotiating Contracts in the New Normal | BBPA Ask an Expert Series

Impact of COVID-19 on Employment and Immigration Law

Property Law Issues Stemming from COVID-19 and How to Protect Yourself in the Future

The Legal Impact of COVID-19 on You and Your Business

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